About Us

Formed in 2003, Sovereign Healthcare is a group of seasoned healthcare professionals whose combined experiences and skills contribute to innovate solutions for complex healthcare environments.

Meet Our Senior Management Team

  • Jeremy Hogue – President & CEO
  • Jay McKim – Executive Vice President & CFO
  • Ash Shehata – Chief Information Officer
  • Brian Beach – Senior Vice President, Strategy & Business Development
  • Rudy Grimaldo – Senior Vice President of Operations
  • Lynn Dugan – Senior Vice President of ASC Operations and Clinic Services
  • Brian Giessler – Senior Vice President of ASC Operations and Business Services
  • Ryan Olsen – Senior Vice President of Operations, KJI
  • Jim Rice - Vice President of Operations
  • Bill Gray – Vice President of Operations
  • Rob Piscopo – Vice President of Finance, KJI
  • Kirk Rose – Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management
  • Susan Parker - Director of Operations
  • Lisa Allen – Director of Operations
  • David Douglas – Director of Operations
  • Siobhan Palmer – Director of Operations, KJI
  • Lu Hersey - Director of Operations, KJI
  • Sheri Hanes – Director of Clinic Revenue Cycle, KJI
  • Karen Mohr – Executive Director of Research, Education, and Fellowship Programs, KJI
  • Sharon Ornela – Director, Reimbursement & Compliance
  • Nina Takenouchi - Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Ian Ridgway - Director of Supply Chain Operations

In addition to the management team listed above, Sovereign Healthcare is fortunate to have numerous skilled and dedicated professionals who work in various capacities, from business office roles, to analytical support, to other office and administrative functions. These individuals help make Sovereign Healthcare the company it is.

Furthermore, Sovereign Healthcare is fortunate to have worked with our physician partners to assemble outstanding teams at all of our affiliated surgery centers, clinics, and other sites. While perhaps not direct Sovereign Healthcare employees, all of these team members are part of the larger Sovereign Healthcare family and are critically important in delivering patient care and patient service at the highest levels.

For more information about Sovereign and the healthcare management services we offer, contact our office.